Juan Cantizzani

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Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mixed media/interdisciplinair kunstenaar, Performancekunstenaar

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Weekend Proms
Titel Weekend Proms
Jaartal 1997
Omschrijving Activities management and coordination. http://weekendproms.tumblr.com
Techniek Cultural Asociation
Titel Andalucía_Soundscape
Jaartal 2008
Omschrijving Online project which aims to be a vehicle of knowledge, promotion and re-discovery of Andalusian community, its culture, people, architecture and heritage, under the action of listening, using network as a media to generate, host and disseminate the content it provides. The project contains several sections that are based on artistic listening practices and opening up new avenues of knowledge through aurality, with the main sections called Projects and Map. Project ́s section intend to accommodate specific work projects, research, personal or thematic works, created especially to be disseminated online. The map section is a shared public network where any person or group can position and insert their field recordings bringing collectively new elements to the definition of the territory through it ́s soundscapes.
Techniek Online project
Spatial Perception Study
Titel Spatial Perception Study
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving SPS – Spatial Perception Study is a serie of site-specific studies that explores psychoacoustic and spatial behavior from two approaches: by exploring physical characteristics of constructed space as a potential acoustic instrument and exploring architecture of reproduction systems and its location on space. How sound are able to cross over physical space, how space can transform sound source characteristics or how the own architecture of reproduction systems can be used as creative element. SPS is presented as an intervention, conducting studies on the poetics of space and time from an aural perspective, pursuing dialogue between architecture, spatiality and environment, generating different perspectives of acoustic space. The project idea comes from proposals and concepts developed by Toshiya Tsunoda on “o Respirar da Paisagem”, Alvin Lucier “Music on a Long Thin Wire”, “Empty vessels” or “Small Waves”, Pascal Battus and his “Sound Massage” or Maryanne Amacher on ” City-Links “.
Techniek Solo intervention
Transient Lapse
Titel Transient Lapse
Jaartal 2012
Omschrijving A shifting aural topography based on the daily rhythms and the resonant architecture of a pedestrian and cyclist tunnel. The sound changes over a twenty-four hours cycle, interacting with the existing soundscape and movements of passersby.!The result is an added aural layer which is perceived as not having physical origin and belong to the site. Exploring the threshold of perception, the work aims to induce a switch of focus, a momentary lapse in the urban transit experience. The project draws inspiration from the notion of ‘Rhythmanalisis’ proposed by Henri Lefebvre, on which he outlined a method for analyzing the rhythms of urban spaces and their effects on the inhabitants of those spaces. The spatial behavior of the sound and the overall cyclical structure are based on the rhythms of the site, accompanying, contrasting and extending them. Technically, the work is based on a custom software developed with the programming environment Max/ MSP, combining scores and algorithmic processes. The materials employed are computer-generated sound based on an analysis of the resonant characteristics of the tunnel and processed recordings made through the structures which form the site. Eight independent audio channels are spatialized through purpose-built speakers disguised along the tunnel.
Techniek Site-specific sound installation
Sounding Site [TABACALERA]
Titel Sounding Site [TABACALERA]
Jaartal 2010
Omschrijving A listening environment based on the specific physical properties of the basement area where it was installed, in the former national tobacco factory known today as ‘La Tabacalera de Lavapiés’. The work activates and renders audible the space, exploring resonance, spatial and material aspects of the site. The source audio material used in the composition is a combination of transformed recordings of the empty space, acoustic measurements, ultrasound and additional recordings of activity in the building. The installation uses a custom made diffusion system consisting of hidden transducers which are strategically attached to several objects and structures belonging to the space.
Techniek Site-specific sound installation
Imperceptible Sounds Observatory
Titel Imperceptible Sounds Observatory
Jaartal 2010
Omschrijving ISO “Imperceptible Sounds Observatory” is a site specific project based on the exploration of acoustic behavior in solid or liquid media and its relationship to the environment in which it occurs. Thereby intended as information bank of acoustic behavior that make up our physical environment. The practices and experiments conducted so far on this type of behavior are limited. What forces manage their movements, patterns or transformations?. This work considers the public space and its elements as a huge complex sounds transmitter to observe, explore, transfer and extend to the citizens. It is presented as a site specific interactive installation or as a sound map in order to create augmented aurality experiences, extending the limits of perception. Situated at the same time on the border between placement and movement, recontextualization and treatment of field recordings.
Techniek Site-specific sound installation
Titel Sensxperiment
Jaartal 1999
Omschrijving International creation meeting celebrated it's first edition on 1999, since then it ́s aim is to examine and disseminate a serie of artistic works based mostly in the use of audiovisual media with a special emphasis in topics related to the exploration of the surrounding, intimate and physical qualities of sound. The project is framed within the international area, working with artists from different geographical areas, mostly from Europe but also from Asia or United States with names like Francisco López, Mark Bain, HC Gilje, Justin Bennett, Maki Ueda, ILIOS, Dallas Simpson, Bruce McClure, Pierre Bastien, Pascal Battus, Optofonica, Synchronator, Cremaster, Ramón Barce, Rafael Aguilera Baena, Andi Rivas, Marina Vargas, Isidoro Valcarcel Medina, José Antonio Orts, Lamia Naji, Christine Spengler or Lugan.
Techniek International Creation Meeting

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Voorletters JC
Kunstenaarsnaam/alias Juan Cantizzani
Website www.juancantizzani.wordpress.com


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Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Den Haag, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Art Science 2008/2012 J

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jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2012 Doña Mencía (Córdoba) Spain Soundwalk SOLO
2012 Lekstraat - Schenkkade tunnel. Den Haag Site-specific sound installation DUO
2012 Studio Loos. Den Haag Live performance SOLO
2011 Corrosia. Almere Site-specific sound installation GROEP
2010 C.S.A La Tabacalera de Lavapiés basement. Madrid Site-specific sound installation DUO


jaartal titel publicatie uitgever / samensteller, plaats typering
2011 ZEHAR #67 - Blind landscapes Arteleku, Spain. Publication + CD

Artistieke nevenactiviteiten

nevenactiviteit van tot
Andalucia_Soundscape online project director 2008 2012
Sensxperiment festival director 1999 2012
Spanish cultural asociation chairman 1997 2012