Jonathan Reus

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Disciplines: Mediakunstenaar, Mixed media/interdisciplinair kunstenaar, Performancekunstenaar

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Sensory Cartographies Institute
Titel Sensory Cartographies Institute
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The research institute Sensory Cartographies is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Sissel Marie Tonn. In this project we seek to explore extreme and information-rich sensory environments through the motions of biometric recordings. At the center of the project is the creation of worn instrumentations that attempt to address notions of collection, categorization and navigation from originating the in colonial “golden age” of botany, to the biometric measurement and monitoring technologies today.
Techniek worn instruments, speculative research
iMac Music
Titel iMac Music
Jaartal 2012
Omschrijving Using "vintage" iMac G3 computers as raw operating material, performers create a sonic and visual interpretation of the internal processes of the computer by hacking the electronics directly using fine-tipped sound amplifying probe instruments. An image of the computer desktop is projected, which takes on surreal and impressionistic qualities as malfunctions occur. Software routines are set into motion which translate into driving sonic polyrhythms, clicks and digital tones, as well as producing further visual dynamics within the failing and operationally confused system.
Techniek performance, audiovisual
Biometric Archival Submission, Funchal
Titel Biometric Archival Submission, Funchal
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The herbarium in Funchal holds a collection of preserved plant specimins and taxidermized animals dating back to the 16th century, and can be understood to be a fingerprint of the history of colonization and acclimatization of plant species from colonial travels that passed through the island. This exhibition places documentation of our own biometric data recorded while traversing some of the most radical climates of the island, in the cloud forests of the upper altitudes. We wished to trace a line from the Linnaean taxonomy system of the 18th century to contemporary smart devices and surveillance technologies, questioning the certainty that science can deliver ultimate truths about nature through collection and categorization. The project Sensory Cartographies is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Sissel Marie Tonn. In this project we seek to explore extreme and information-rich sensory environments through the motions of biometric recordings. At the center of the project is the creation of worn instrumentations that attempt to address notions of collection, categorization and navigation from originating the in colonial “golden age” of botany, to the biometric measurement and monitoring technologies today.
Techniek performance, art-science, sound
The Reading Room (series)
Titel The Reading Room (series)
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving The Reading Room is an event series dedicated to creating a community-oriented, public platform for encounters with contemporary ideas on art and society. At its core, the Reading Room series revolves around the reading of texts provided by invited guests – cultural theorists, philosophers and curators – who join our diverse community in an open discussion while providing insight, context and perspective on the topics at hand. The series stems from a belief that keeping a close connection to historical and emerging theories on art and culture is invaluable to artists. Especially in the 21st century, where theory, practice and social engagement in the arts seem to merge ever more seamlessly. The Reading Room’s curatorial and organizational team is Sissel Marie Tonn, Jonathan Reus and Flora Reznik. The program is produced by the Instrument Inventors Initiative and, since 2016, is hosted by Stroom Den Haag.
Techniek social-artistic initiative
Telco Remains of the Pianists Touch
Titel Telco Remains of the Pianists Touch
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving Telco Remains of the Pianist’s Touch is a choreography for two dancers and an intra-body radio transmission system. The departure point of the performance is the evolution of touch understood from multiple cultural and historical vantage points, as inspired by sensory historian Constance Classen’s The Book of Touch. A set of Victorian radio-transmission apparatuses built from polished steel and the remains of a discarded piano are used as the “stage” for a dance choreography which moves fluidly between modes of touch from the ritual to the everyday, from sensual to violent and conciliatory. The apparatuses use abandoned “body-transmission” information technology system developed in the mid-90’s by researcher-scientist Thomas Zimmerman. Research into Zimmerman’s original designs and patents served as a reference point for creating the technology needed to realize the work. The apparatuses thus also tap into a never-to-be-realized techno-scientific sensory history, one envisioned by Zimmerman, where touch and information-telecommunication would be unified. The apparatus transmits acoustic signals gathered in the space through a localized body-channel radio system, through the dancers, from microphones to speakers placed in the space. The system creates a dynamic fluctuation of feedback loops, audible interference and acoustic resonances that directly reflect the movements of the dancers in relation to each other in the broadcast space above the platforms. The platforms are also presented as an interactive installation, whereby audience members interact with each other through sound, touch and movement when standing, sitting or interacting with the radio fields produced by the platforms.
Techniek sculpture-performance, installation, app
Autonomic Resonance
Titel Autonomic Resonance
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving A performance playing with the subterranean dynamics of the performer's body sensing. Biofeedback sensors traditionally used in psychology and cognition research are used to measure non-conscious responses in two performers engaged in an improvised duet. The biometric signals are streamed live into a musical artifical intelligence, giving the performers a third presence, the coherence of their own unconscious dynamics, as a partner in the performance. The two performers must quickly learn to be aware of their own non-conscious psychobiological reactions to the act of co-improvisation, and also to use this presence as a collaborative instrument.
Techniek performance
Titel Displace2.0
Jaartal 2012
Omschrijving A large-scale installation exploring non-representational sensory experiences, inspired by the sensory anthropology of David Howes. Three rooms, each providing a distinct sensory experience of light, sound, taste, and smell, give a phenomenological narrative for the audience. Displace 2.0 is one of a series of experiments carried out as part of the research project ‘Mediations of Sensation’. This programme was developed by Chris Salter, David Howes and TeZ with the generous support of the Fonds de recherche Québec Societé et Culture (FRQSC). Working with: Chris Salter, TeZ, David Howes, Jorg Hempenius, Harry Smoak, David Szanto and Caro Verbeek Upon entering the space the audience removes their shoes and is presented with a salty-sweet ingestible, they enter a room of complete darkness and moisture-free air. The floor covered in rock salt and presents a tactile experience for the feet. As the audience moves forward their motions subtly trigger a specially-designed soundscape projected from two parabolic speakers in such a way that the sound reflects off the walls of the space as if coming from everywhere and nowhere. The soundscape works in tandem with two 3000 watt strobe lights to create a sense of sensory disorientation.
Techniek immersive media, installation
Affect in Urbana
Titel Affect in Urbana
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving Two participants are blindfolded and taken on a series of guided sensory walks through urban space. Through the walks they wear specially designed awareness instruments that translate their non-conscious bodily responses to stimuli into perceptible but subtle sound patterns. Through the course of the walks the participants become attuned to the psychobiological ebb and flow of urban space, their instinctive reaction to sounds, smells and the pathways of familiar streets. They are whispered to, held by the hand, and experience the sensorium of the city while also perceiving themselves sensing. This work was developed together with Dutch media theorist Eric Kluitenberg as part of his workshop on affective flows in public space.
Techniek new media, audience participatory interv
Recycled Computer Music
Titel Recycled Computer Music
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving Recycled Computer Music is a sound installation constructed from four discarded office computers. Through a patchwork system of interconnected circuitry, the four machines are able to interfere with and disrupt each other's operation, eventually leading to failure. The installation is accompanied by a textured wall of sound, created directly from the computer hardware through direct amplification of the circuitry as it runs choreographed software routines. The sound texture presents a direct and encompassing sensory impression of routine computation. The machines are arranged in a dark, quiet space, their inner components arranged upon a table for inspection. Visitors are welcome to run their favorite software, such as firefox or VLC, on the machines as a way of creating machine vocalizations and visual confusion.
Techniek interactive installation

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Kunstenaarsnaam/alias JC Reus


Erkende vakopleiding

Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Den Haag, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten ArtScience Masters 2012-2014 J

Andere opleiding

Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
University of Florida Digital Art and Science / Mathematics 2000-2005

Overige gegevens

Lid van Beroeps / Kunstenaarsvereniging
Deelnemer van Kunstenaarsinitiatief Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii)

Curriculum vitae


jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2016 SIGN, Groningen installation / In Praise of Shadows exhibition GROEP
2015 Media Lab Prado, Madrid, ES performance/installation @ International Metabody Forum GROEP
2015 Sin Pin Pier Gallery, Kaohsiung, TW installation / In Praise of Shadows exhibition GROEP
2015 STUK kunstencentrum, Leuven, BE performance @ ARTEFACT Festival SOLO
2014 Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam, NL performance @ Mind the Gap Nights SOLO
2014 Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, NL KABK Graduation Festival GROEP
2013 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL performance @ Fiber Coded Matter(s) #2 SOLO
2013 PB43, Copenhagen, DK performance @ Re-new Festival SOLO
2013 Former TAG Project Space, Den Haag, NL installation @ TodaysArt Festival GROEP
2013 Ateliers de Bitche, Nantes, FR performance/installation @ Electropixel Festival SOLO


naam plaats & land
Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii) Den Haag, NL


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2015 Vrije Academy, GEMAK The Reading Room series artist initiative
2014 nomadic Food&Proof series artist initiative
2014 Het Nutshuis, Den Haag Ogen/blik performance evening
2013 Korzo theater, Den Haag Spheres symposium on hybrid art and science symposium

Internationale uitwisseling

jaartal instelling
2016 Konvent.0 / Hangar, Barcelona
2015 Residency @ MOKS Artspace, Mooste, EE
2013 APO33, Nantes
2013 Multimadeira Festival, Funchal
2011 NK, Berlin


jaartal titel publicatie uitgever / samensteller, plaats typering
2014 No Patent Pending: Self-made Performative Media MER Paper Kunsthalle Book
2013 Zijn nerds de nieuwe avant garde van de kunst? Motherboard Online magazine

Prijzen en stipendia

jaartal instantie, plaats omschrijving
2014 York University, Toronto, CA Sonic Effect Seed Prize
2014 Den Haag, NL Stroom Invest Grant
2009 US Dept. of State, New York, USA Fulbright Research Grant

Artistieke nevenactiviteiten

nevenactiviteit van tot
Teaching - Institute for Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media, Hamburg, DE 2015 2016
Teaching - ArtEZ Academy for the Arts, Arnhem, NL 2014 2016
Teaching - Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Utrecht, NL 2012 2013
Teaching - Amsterdam Conservatory, Amsterdam, NL 2012 2013
Curation / Artist Residencies - STEIM, Amsterdam, NL 2010 2013