Arefeh Riahi

Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mixed media/interdisciplinair kunstenaar, Schilder

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In de Galerij
Titel In de Galerij
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving This work is a collaboration with another The Hague based - Iranian artist Ehsan Behmanesh and is an installation consisting of a forty-page ring bound booklet, featuring a variety of manipulated art and exhibition flyers sourced from The Hague, along side a mural image made by the remaining pieces of the same flyers; after being used as stencil. The title In de Galerij itself was extracted from one of the flyers, which was an exhibition running concurrent to the exhibition wherein this work was shown. The work was made in the occasion of the exhibition ‘Exit Gemak: All Art is Political’, the closing event of the project space Gemak — the exhibition space of a foundation (stichting) that had been one of the longest running in The Hague. The sudden announcement of its closure had provoked much debate within The Hague’s art scene, specifically concerned with the power (or lack thereof) held by artistic institutions.
Techniek Installation
Formaat variable
Titel Hiatus
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving This work is comprised of several elements: an oblique wall upon which a video work is installed, a self-standing sculptural object resembling a school writing board, and a textual diagram executed onto the architecture of the space, namely several window panels — readable mostly from the exterior of the academy building. Evoking notions of playfulness, the work is equally concerned with observations on the aesthetics and structure of authority and institutional power.
Techniek Video and Installation
Formaat Variable
A converformance with Sher Doruff
Titel A converformance with Sher Doruff
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving an installation consisting of a sculpture, multifaceted object, inspired by the template of a cube, situated upon a table, alongside a self-standing glass board, reminiscent of those typically found in school buildings. This installation was used during the exhibition to enact a performance, bringing together the subjects of language, structure, and abstraction.
Techniek Installation and Performance
Formaat variable
Titel Nine-fold-object-
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving I modified the template of a cube to produce a multifaceted, self-enclosing object: a body that is a box that is a container that is a component that is a space that is archiving itself as well as all these concepts, whilst simultaneously being neither of them; a full emptiness, a hiatus; essentially, undecidable.
Techniek Video
Formaat 00:10:30
Titel Untitled
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving This text was written specifically for the aforementioned exhibition, functioning as an artwork in its own right. It is written by hand on the entrance window of the project space 1646, in a fashion that allows the first two paragraphs to be read from outside, while the third paragraph is readable from inside. The first two paragraphs read as follows: ‘Let’s begin with my mother’s hairbrush: an oblong plastic brush with undulating patches where the material had probably been melted from a casually misplaced cigarette now and then. It was green, which earned it its title of being the green brush. Upon my mother’s purchase of a new brush, the green one was promptly confiscated by my brother and I. On the childish high of a ping-pong obsession, we adopted the green brush as a ping-pong paddle. Such a gesture reminds me of the occasion I encountered an old ceramic flush tank being employed as a peculiar flower pot in the garden – an object that had once possessed a distinct functionality now serving an alternative purpose. One could say that once the dominance of an object’s default use fades, a myriad of other possibilities come into existence, and thus everything acquires the status of being a container – regardless of the specifications of the object’s actual physicality – a container of possibilities...’ 
Techniek Installation-text
Titel Left-handed
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving This video was made for the occasion of an exhibition entitled ‘Locus’, focused upon the location of the artist and the impact that such positioning may have upon the work. This work therefore engages in the theme of dual languages and the prospect for translation — beyond merely direct translation. The body within the video reflects upon the struggle of mediating different meanings and the associations a word may possess depending on cultural context.
Techniek video
Formaat 00:14:25
Archive of folds
Titel Archive of folds
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving The first incarnation of my initial investigations into the format of a cube modified so as to posses eight folds and nine surfaces. It has been presented as a durational installation, whereby I placed the box on a wheeled table, which I guided between three locations in the gallery. In these locations, magnets had been installed onto the walls, allowing for the box to be rearranged and installed in a variety of positions. At some points in the installation, audience members also participated in examining the possibilities of the object.
Techniek durational installation
Formaat variable

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Erkende vakopleiding

Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Den Haag, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Master Artistic Research 2013 - 2015 J

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Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
Azad University of Tehran, Faculty of Art and Archie BA - Painting 1998 - 2002

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jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2015 Between...and Hiatus, 1646 (NL) Solo presentation of work SOLO
2014 Locus, GEMAK (NL) GROEP
2014 We Shall Not Cease Our Explorations, Quartair (NL) GROEP
2014 Exchange Made Live, Walden Affairs (NL) GROEP
2013 Dehli Photo Festival, (IN) GROEP
2013 See you when I get there, KABK (NL) GROEP
2012 Iranian Puls (contemporary Iranian Photography and Video, Sesc Vila Mariana (BR) GROEP
2012 What Lies Beneath II, IVDE Gallery (UAE) GROEP
2011 What Lies Beneath I, IVDE Gallery (UAE) GROEP
2011 Iranian Puls (contemporary Iranian Photography and Video) Oi Futuro, (BR) GROEP


naam plaats & land
IVDE Gallery Dubai, UAE


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2014 Fabrica (Communication Research Centre for the Benetton Group), Italy - A book consisting of artworks created contemporary Iranian artists Book
2008 Tehran Avenue, Magazine for Iranian Art and Culture (Online) A video for March 8th Video work


jaartal opdrachtgever plaats / land typering opdracht uitgevoerd
2002 Mercato Leisure Complex Dubai, UAE Commissioned mural painting J

Aankopen / werken in collecties

jaartal naam collectie plaats / land omschrijving aankoop
2012 Various private collections UK, UAE Painting and installation work sold to private collections


jaartal titel publicatie uitgever / samensteller, plaats typering
2014 - A book consisting of artworks created contemporary Iranian artists Fabrica (Communication Research Centre for the Benetton Group), Italy Artist book
2004 Museum of Contemporary Art: Year Review Hambastegi, Iran Article

Artistieke nevenactiviteiten

nevenactiviteit van tot
Visual art writer, translator and illustrator for Tehran Avenue Magazine 2003 2009