Sonja van Kerkhoff

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Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mediakunstenaar, Omgevingkunstenaar

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The Yellows
Titel The Yellows
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving "The Yellows," like the blues, are an emotion, a state of mind or in the case of this video, a happening. More:
Techniek 3 min. video with music
Transit in a green landscape
Titel Transit in a green landscape
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving An intervention at the Tahora Folk Festival. A transition of red across green incorporating five "Kaimanawa" horses. More:
Techniek 7 min. video with music
Bed Peace 2013
Titel Bed Peace 2013
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving It is 2013 and the performance is both a referencing of the past and the contemporary. The bed is surrounded by televisions and computers, some old, some new. Films either by artists also in the exhibition "film + kunst" or a selection from the "Leiden International Short Film Experience" were played. The monitors placed at the end of the bed, functioned as another form of 'in between' staging. Viewers could ask themselves if the arrangement was sculpture or an assemblage, a comment on the 'frame' or a reference to the work of another pioneer of conceptual art, June Naim Paik. More:
Techniek video installation + performance
Kāinga - Puke Ariki | Home within
Titel Kāinga - Puke Ariki | Home within
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving A site-specific installation made out of recycled wood and cardboard incorporating five videos with sounds in spiral form approximately 6 metres square. Videos have differing lengths so there is a continuously changing soundscape and imagery. More:
Techniek 5 screen video installation
Formaat 6000 x 3000 x 300
Oratory at Tahora
Titel Oratory at Tahora
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving Participants sit facing each other and the space in the middle serves as the place for communication or interaction. The canopy above and around was a shelter, a symbolic container, and a pattern to be seen against the sky. Five branches planted into the ground were intended to create a dynamic relationship with the nine seats. The numbers five and nine also figure in Islamic and Baha'i cosmological systems. More:
Techniek A circle of nine seats made out of the r
Formaat 5000 x 5000 x 3000
Rubbish Blooms
Titel Rubbish Blooms
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving Each flower is made out of plastic rubbish donated by the person or family it is named after. The names of these flowers refer not only to the idea of a new creation made out of old ingredients, but also memorialize the few days of plastic trash from that person. More:
Techniek floating sculpture
Pop-up onna-bugeisha
Titel Pop-up onna-bugeisha
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving The onna-bugeisha was a female warrior in the Japanese upper class who was a member of the bushi (samurai) class in feudal Japan. They were trained in the use of weapons to protect their household, family, and honor in times of war. This 'pop-up' out of HERstory is an adaption of a 16th century illustration of Ishi-jo wielding a naginata, by Kuniyoshi Utagawa. More:
Techniek Print/object edition, laminated paper +
Formaat 20 x 25 x 27
In Milk we Trust
Titel In Milk we Trust
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving Recently, threats to contaminate milk products were made public in New Zealand. The threats said that "1080" poison (sodium fluoroacetate), which is used by the Department of Conservation to kill opossums, rats and stoats, would be placed in infant formula milk unless the Government stopped the use of 1080 by the end of March 2015. This resulted in the costs and inconvenience of heightened surveillance measures in shops as well as raising the question of consumers' 'trust' in the product. Although inspired by this incident, this work - a row of 'recycled' ribbons - is more about the relationship between trust and value. The distinctions between a first or second or third prize generally reflect shades of value. More:
Techniek Object Edition, woven New Zealand milk b
Formaat 20 x 10 x 1
Josephines Mother
Titel Josephines Mother
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving "Josephine's Mother" + "A 21st Century Feminist" are about perception: reading and being read. The pose and composition of "Josephine's Mother" is similar to the 1871 painting "Whistler's Mother." In this case, Josephine is the child the young woman is carrying. The mother looks alert and details such as a watch and the wall plug indicate that hers is a contemporary world, although she wears clothing typical of a bygone age. She is the future: the next generation, carrying the next. More:
Techniek Print on aluminium + layers of varnish +
Formaat 10 x 10 x 2
A hetero sexual organ
Titel A hetero sexual organ
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving "A heter sexual organ" is in a sense an offense against nature and culture, being a collage of 9 different flower parts. Flowers have been bred to 'pure' forms over the centuries. However here the aim is to create an object of beauty from the heterogeneous (the diverse types) to show that art, not nature, has the last word. The Nature-Nurture series are illusionistic works based on photographs of cultivated flowers from a New Plymouth garden in Aotearoa | New Zealand. These are real objects, as shown by the imperfections, arranged artificially and hung out from the wall so that the lighting throws an after image on the wall. This 'seeing through the work' draws attention to the medium, a suspended transparent sheet. More:
Techniek print edition on transparent sheet
Formaat 21 x 28 x 4

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Erkende vakopleiding

Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Maastricht, Hogeschool Zuyd, Academie Beeldende Kunsten autonoom 1989-1993 J

Andere opleiding

Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
Otago School of Fine Arts Diploma of Fine Arts 1980-82
Dunedin Teachers College Diploma of Teaching (eerste grads) 1986
Leiden University Masters in Media Technology 2005-2008

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Curriculum vitae


jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2015 klooster tuin, Wittem klooster, Limburg beelden expositie,12 deelneemers geselecteered GROEP
2014 In the Land Sculpture -Otaki Forks art gallery + grounds, New Zealand heb ik dit gecoordinated. 6 deelnemers. GROEP
2013 Land Art Maastricht, Chateau Bethelhem, Maastricht 20 deelneemers geselecteered GROEP
2013 Film + Kunst, Galerie de Pieter, Leiden heb ik dit gecoordinated. 40 deelnemers GROEP
2013 Puke Ariki, Museum of Taranaki, Nieuw Zeeland commissie voor een site specific video installatie GROEP
2012 Los Medanos College Art Gallery, Pittsburg, CA, U.S.A. video in expositie over water. 20 deelnemers GROEP
2011 ISEA 2011 ISTANBUL, UNCONTAINABLE: Second Nature, Cumhuriyet Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 7 deelnemers - een site specific 5screen video installatie GROEP
2011 Yuchengco Museum + Blanc Compound, Manila, The Philippines performance + sculptuur - 20 internationale deelnemers GROEP
2011 Parlour Project Space, Queens Cresent, London, U.K. sculpture. 10 deelnemers GROEP
2010 Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen 6 deelnemers, site specific 5screen video installatie GROEP


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2014 openmakers, Leiden Leiden kunstroute video installaties